2019 Membership

18 May

2019 membership are now due.  Current and past member can renew their membership and new members can register via the "Join Us" page on the website. Instructions have been emailed out to current and past members explaining how to renew your membership subscription and are available to everyone via our closed Facebook group.

We have set up the system to assume that members will renew the same membership type as they had last year (eg if you were a family, you are still a family). We have done this so that the membership system's "quick pay" option is available and you can make your payment without having to re-enter any details that were previously entered last year.

There are also instructions for how you can change your subscription type (eg a member may no longer be a student) and also how to register on behalf of new members.

For those who have already worked out how to renew your subscription via the Dragons website www.dragons.org.nz, please ignore these instructions, and well done for doing that!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch using the 'contact us page' on the website or seeing Ed Szeto at practice.

Remember practices have started! See you on Sunday!