2023 Dragons Junior Registrations - Update

8 May

Hi Everyone,

The 2023 Dragons Junior Basketball season has started with great energy and enthusiasm. A huge thank you to all of the volunteer coaches and parent helpers who make it happen every week!

Currently we are experiencing a record number of registrations across all the junior grades. Even with the two additional courts for practice this year, we have reached capacity in both the Tiniball and Miniball grades. Reluctantly, we are unable to accept any further new members in our Tiniball (5-7 years old) and Miniball (8yrs to school year 6) grades.

Please understand this is not something we want to do, but we need to do. We do not have the court capacity and resources to manage more kids in these grades, while preserving the quality of our practices.

We have an attendance list for each of the practices this year. If you have attended a practice this year or are a past member who has yet to register this year, you can email with your child's full name at c_achin@hotmail.com to arrange registration by Sunday the 28th May 2023.

New members who wish to be contacted should a place in one of these grades become available, can email me their contact details at the same email address.

Biniball and Intermediate registrations are still available, but are limited in number.
Andrew ChinOn behalf of the Dragons Junior Basketball Subcommittee