Volleyball Funday (16/6/2019)

11 Jun

The Annual Volleyball Funday is 'set' for this Sunday (June 16th) at Walter Nash Stadium between 12pm and 1:30pm.

Volleyball has been a part of our club for many years, and it's due for a resurgence. As some of you who went to the annual NZCA Chinese Easter Tournament earlier this year may already know; volleyball made a stamp on the scene in a big way. Four contingents entered teams, and it was a crowd favourite when it came to some of your fellow Dragons members playing and winning the finals for Wellington! We also have fellow Dragons members who play regularly in midweek teams, and it was a 'hit' at the 50th Celebration Funday.

If you're interested in trying the sport or taking your interest a little further, come a long for an afternoon of having a go at this growing sport. You may 'dig' it, you might not. Only one way to find out!

Open to all who want to give it a go. Please reply to the event on the Facebook group if you are going to attend or not via the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/616343282177066/

And just remember the following:
- Dig, set, spike
- Get the ball over the net
- Don't let it land on your side of the court

Happy volleyballing!